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In the late 1800’s, Alfred Marshall, founder of the Fifth Avenue Coach Company, purchased a piece of the Delancy land, and in 1900 built the beautiful home that we now enjoy as the main Clubhouse. To the right of the entrance there is a cornerstone of the estate, bearing the inscription, “Marleton House, July 5, 1900”.

The Winter Clubhouse was Mr. Marshall’s squash court. He had little time to enjoy it, or his magnificent estate, as he succumbed to his injuries sustained in a fall while inspecting work being done on the court. Mrs. Marshall sold “Marleton House” in 1916 to Mrs. Winifred E. Merrill, for her school “Oaksmere”. The school operated until 1923. The house stood empty for a year prior to becoming Orienta Beach Club in January of 1924.


It is noted in the President’s message of 1924 that “Orienta Beach Club was organized early in the year by a group of residents of Westchester County who desired the privileges of an attractive private bathing beach with the facilities of an exclusive Club”. 

In that first year, in addition to the Clubhouse, there were three clay tennis courts, a long steel pier, a garage, stone bungalow, frame dwelling, and a hot house with an engineering plant.  A new Pavilion, outdoor terrace and handball court were added later in the 20’s.


Our rich history and traditions have followed throughout the decades as the Club’s facilities have undergone extensive renovations to its clubhouse interior, entranceway, tennis viewing areas, paddle courts and hut as well as waterfront complex, pavilion, and dolphin bar.  Our most recent project, completed in 2022, was the redesign and construction of the Club’s magnificent outdoor terrace dining venue.

OBC formed a Sustainability Committee in 2019 with the mandate of helping the Club implement environmentally friendly efforts in a way that is good for our planet and community while not compromising the services and experiences of OBC’s membership. OBC has been able to act as both a leader and a learner in the Healthy Clubs initiative with other area clubs. We’re proud of the steps that the Club has taken. These and future efforts underscore our caring for the special place that OBC is -- and that we hope it will remain for many, many generations to come.

The Club is poised for a vibrant future as it approaches its Centennial year.